My name is Melanie and I began blogging in April 2015, months before I was to set off on an American Contiki tour, then move on to Canada to work and travel.

Prior to that, I spent 4 weeks in the United States on a Contiki Grand Northern tour, which ignited my love for travelling. I knew from then also that I had to combine the passion I had for travelling with my eagerness to write and document. Hence when I began my blog.

From September 2015 to January 2017, I worked and lived in the small ski hamlet of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. A very far way away from home in Australia. There a had many adventures and met some really inspirational people. Individuals that changed my life forever.

My plan after I had spent my time in Canada, was to return home to Australia to save and continue travelling and working in the spa resort industry. However, fate had other plans for me. I met this amazing Canadian, with whom I shared an inseparable connection from relatable experiences. He soon became my boyfriend- and now husband to be.

That’s right, your reading that correctly. Travel bug Mel is settling down. But wait there’s more!

In May 2018, we welcomed into the world our beautiful miracle baby. Our daughter, who we shall name on this blog as ‘Baby V’ came into our lives when we least expected it. Like mentioned above, fate works in mysterious ways, and for which I’ll be forever grateful.

Keep reading and I hope you enjoy it!!